Blooms of Lower Ryan Street, April 2020

Ok, so they’re not all of lower Ryan Street, but some of them are. While the editors were out engaging in the edgy task of conducting the April 2020 Sumner Estate Nature Strip Eisteddfod, they snapped some blooms on the old Iphone. A hoodie told me that roses thrive in the hood, because of the Merri Creek clay soils. If you would like to share your bloom, send the editors an email. If you’re so out of the loop you don’t know the email, say so in the comments.

Sumner Avenue
My favourite roses in the Hood, in lower western Nash Street
Winnifred Street: you pretty thing
Traill Street
Winnifred Street, one of the loveliest bay windows of the hood. What are those gorgeous orange blooms?
Quinces of upper Traill Street
Lower Traill Street. The rose on the left is dope, don’t you think?
Lower Ryan Street: classic
Cosmos? of lower Ryan Street

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